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Programming Projects

I'm finally updating this page, keep your eyes out for code and info!

Each file can be opened or downloaded.


Bash/Shell Scripting

Disclaimer: I haven't checked how all of these perform on the most recent version of mac, cygwin, etc.
  1. bash_profile.txt - My bash_profile setup.
  2. bashrc.txt - My bashrc setup.   -Favorite function: mkcd
  3. - Takes a file and a sha1 value and compares.
  4. - Usage: keys_go_here_no_spaces
  5. - Just like hitkey but uses Chrome.
  6. - Write imagename, width, height for images in folder to info.txt.
  7. - Ever wanted to know the GPS location of an image? This does that.
  8. - Having a bad day? Download all the happy pictures on r/aww, r/superbowl, and etc!
  9. - List picture metadata. (height, width, orientation, kind)
  10. - My Pride and Joy. When Saved Application State Fails, OpenFiles does not.
  11. - Requires pdftotext installed. Batch convert a bunch to text files.
  12. - Appends directory to filename.
  13. - Appends the modify date to the name.
  14. - Prepends directory to filename.
  15. - Intended to completely clear safari caches and etc.
  16. - A template bash select menu to play with.
  17. - A template bash select menu to play with.

HTML & CSS - Coming Soon!

Javascript, JQuery - Coming Soon!

PHP, MySQL - Coming Soon!

C++ - Coming Soon!


  1. - A simple encrypted username and password script used to learn Python.

Matlab - Coming Soon!

Visual Basic (for Excel) - Coming Soon!

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